Web Development offers to its customers both static and dynamic websites. In the meantime, our immediate specialty and field of our professional interest is the dynamic websites.

The static website is created by assembling web pages on a server in the same state as you would view them with your browser. Structure of pages of your website on the web server and structure of pages of your website in the browser are identical.

The dynamic website is more technologically sophisticated and combines a variety of web technologies. The content of the dynamic website is stored in a database and is dynamically retrieved using a script and organized into a web page. Thus, every page of a dynamic website is generated as a result of a request to the database on the server before it appears in the client's browser. While this is an exciting technology, it has one disadvantage: URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of such site is not search engine friendly and usually looks like something like this:

While indexing the web page of a dynamic website the search engine robot does not index the path information after the question mark. So for the search engines this same URL looks like this:
and search engine robot indexes only one page.

For our web sites we use technology which translates URL to search engine friendly format which looks like this:
and as result, search engine robot will index each request as separate web page which will help to increase rating of the website in search engines.

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