Custom Web Design

What is custom web design?

Custom-made designs created for our clients are based on unique objectives of the design. We consider customer a part of our team, willing to participate to some extent in the process. As a result, every custom web design is as unique as every customer is unique.

How it works?

We analyze your project based on information which you submit to us and we offer you variants of design for your website. The cost of custom design depends on complexity of the task and we usually provide a free price quote and an estimated time table in 3 business days.

  1. Customer website design survey: custom design is a unique task and we need to know what your goals are and what your level of readiness is for starting your website. Please answer the questions in this survey which will help us to understand your project better and will help you to review your project.
  2. Free price quote and time table: price quote and preliminary time table will be provided by us to you within 48 hours from the moment of submission of the Customer website design survey.
  3. Draft of agreement and agreement review: payment of a non-returnable set up fee and any other prepayments stipulated in our agreement with you.
  4. Concept development: we provide you with detailed description and documentation of your project which reflects our understanding of your project. This step may require additional information, which we will request from you.
  5. Website visual mockup - a non-working prototype: a visual draft in picture/scheme form is made to visualize the concept developed and approved by you.
  6. Non-public working website prototype: development and testing of the website on our server and our working temporary URL address.
  7. Payments for completed website, signing the letter of satisfaction with the project.
  8. Deployment and testing of the website on your own URL address.
  9. Submission of your website to search engine directories.
  10. Maintenance: three (3) months of complementary maintenance plan.
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With custom designed websites we offer to our customers:

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