Mini Websites

A mini website consists of only a few pages and is focused on only one topic. For example, it may be a perfect solution for your needs if you:

You do not need a full scale website for any of these or many other similar situations. Mini websites are the perfect solution for small online stores, brief portfolio websites, small art galleries, and business-card websites for a single person or a business.

Mini online store: an online store with a few (1 to 9) products and simple-to-use shopping cart compatible with a free credit card processing service or services, such as PayPal Standard, Google Checkout etc. Set up and design cost with a PayPal-compatible shopping cart is from $400 and up depending on the variety of options (for instance, product selection capability based on color or size etc.), plus $10 per month hosting fee ($100 yearly payment). Custom design for a front page is available for an additional fee, based on the complexity of the design. The mini online store includes:

Business standard mini website: If you are offering a service or promoting your small business, or if your want to single out your product (or set of products) to increase visibility of your main website, then the mini website is an excellent business solution for this kind of promotion.

For all mini websites a Content Management System is available for an additional fee. This can include a user-friendly website administration area (Interface) that will allow you on your own - without our intervention - to make all changes you deem necessary, such as: editing of content, adding/replacing images etc. We do not wish to place a quote here because the cost will be based upon full understanding of your specific requirements.

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